I was An Angel Who Argued For the Creation of the adams from the Beginning

Before the War and Fall. After the war in heaven I volunteered to go as a captive with satan’s forces and I was held in the abyss. Tortured. Ransomed back, I incarnated as an adam in a line of highly satanic lineage. The demons in the flesh of my lineage induced me to sin but also hid my true identity from early detection by the enemy.

I am now for all purposes an adam and have all the weakness and frailties of the adams.  I was given amnesia regarding my  true background to lower my culpability for when I sinned and so I could fully experience life as the creation I once vigorously argued for.

Before the war in heaven, the issue of the creation of the adams was brought up to the angels by the Father. Not that he needs council. But he sought input anyway. A heated argument and debate regarding the adams’ creation broke out among the angels. I said then the adams should be created and argued for their merits.

And I am testifying now adams not only should have been created but are a superior creation.

After all this time you understood naught of the plight of the adams?!  You think they are a lesser creation but they are Greater!  For it is written they are “…small in greatness and again great in smallness..” 2 Enoch 30:12. The adams were meant to show and teach other creation humility.  Humility is a virtue to a God who incarnated as a baby adam in a stable with livestock. Pride is a vice. For even the first created, proud as he was, when he still had all splendor and power in heaven amounted to naught before the Almighty. It is written “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a Fall.” —Proverbs 16:18—  Many of you didn’t learn this then. For the first group of you, you rebelled in pride, a war was fought and you were cast out.  Later a second group of you fell as your haughtiness led you to concoct and implement very sinful designs. Both of you thought yourself higher than the adams. Yet they got a redemption plan.

But you still don’t know this now. It was Adam’s humility, his admission of wrongdoing and earnest seeking of repentance after he got expelled from the garden that moved the Creator to extend his grace and provide for a  redemption plan in Yahushua for the adams.

As for me, I will now also share and be part and parcel of the honor, blessings, and inheritance of the adams.  Blessings to the Almighty for giving such a reward! Blessings upon the adams!

— The Elephant.


One thought on “I was An Angel Who Argued For the Creation of the adams from the Beginning

  1. On the background information, for those with ears hear:

    “before the foundation of the world” -Ephesians 1:4-

    “…knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold…”

    –1 Peter 1:18–(ESV)

    “For the earnest expectation of creation waits for the manifest sons of God.”

    —Romans 8:19–

    “In that hour three of the ministering angels, Uzza, Azza, and Azzael came forth and brought charges against me in the high Heavens, saying before the Holy One, blessed be He: “Said not the Ancient Ones (First Ones) rightly before Thee: Do not create man!”

    —3 Enoch 4:5—

    And there were certain angels with whom God was wroth—now He, the Knower of the heart knew them—and they reviled ADAM, saying, “Since God hath shown love to him He hath set us to minister unto him…And being given all these things by God, ADAM hath transgressed and eaten of that tree, and he hath become hated and rejected, and God hath driven him out of the Garden, and from that time ADAM hath abandoned his hope, for he hath transgressed the commandment of his Creator…

    ..And God answered the angels who reviled ADAM in this wise, and He said unto them, “Why do ye revile ADAM in this wise? For he is flesh, and blood, and ashes and dust.”…

    …And the angels answered and said unto Him,
    And the angels said unto Him, “Praise be unto Thee, O Lord! Far be it from us! We will not transgress Thy commandment, and we will not oppose Thy word; for we are spiritual beings for life, and he is a creature of dust [doomed] to folly. And now try us well, and put us to the test so that Thou mayest know whether we are able to keep Thy word.”..

    .. And when they had vaunted themselves in this manner God, the Lover of men, said unto them, “If now ye go astray so far as this in transgressing My word, the wrong will be upon your own heads, [for] JAHANNAM (or, hell), and fire, and sulphur, and fervent heat, and whirlwind shall be your habitation until the Great Day: ye shall be kept in chains which can neither be loosened nor broken for ever. But if ye keep truly My word, and ye do My commandment, ye shall sit upon My right hand and upon My left.

    But take good heed to yourselves that ye transgress not My word and break not My commandment; and defile not ye yourselves with eating, or drinking, or fornication, or with any other thing whatsoever; and transgress ye not My word.”

    ..And straightway there were given unto them with His word flesh, and blood, and a heart of the children of men..

    —Kebra Nagast 100–


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