This Post Wasn’t Just Written For the Benefit of the adams

This post wasn’t just written for the benefit of the adams:

Mystery Babylon, the Woman Over Many Waters, Will be Destroyed by the Beast

I know there are neutrals, fallen angels, daemons/nephilim here.  Earthbound or recently earthbound.

Those who were sent down ask yourself:  “why were you not just immediately sent all the way down to be incarcerated in hades?”

Those who were let up from below, you didn’t really escape. Nothing escapes the notice of the Creator.  Ask yourself: “why were you allowed to come up?”

You see this is just as much a test for you as it is the adams. Many of you now inhabit and are the spiritual powers behind parts of Babylon. Well Babylon will be destroyed by the beast.

Azazel will be a tyrant and a cruel task master. Yahuah will not.

You have a choice to make.

There will be no neutrals. You wouldn’t even be able to be independently evil or evil in your own way or terms.  The beast system will force press you into its service at the end of a sword and you will have to do exactly what it dictates in the manner it dictates.  You will be absorbed into its hivemind which is even more oppressive than the current one that binds fallen collective consciousness.

Your only way to avoid this fate is to repent and turn to Yahuah and Yahushua. And help the adams, for it would be wise to do so. They are given the authority to judge angels.

What will it be?



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