The Fate of Eavesdroppers In Hell [Warning]

A Warning to all hackers, wiretappers, astral travelers/remote viewers and others listening and viewing  private communications and materials without consent:


“I wish, Lord, to see the lower parts of Tartarus.” And God, said, “Go down and see!” And he gave me Michael and Gabriel and thirty-four other angels, and I descended eighty-five steps and they led me down five hundred steps. … And I saw old men there, and fiery axles were revolving upon their ears. And I said, “Who are these and what is their sin?” And they said to me, “These are the eavesdroppers”.

— Greek Apocalypse Of Ezra 4:6-8,16-20 —

Eavesdropping is a grave sin. Not just for adams. If this is the fate adams (in their infantile state)  that are unrepentant eavesdroppers  should suffer, imagine the fate  more evolved and spiritually mature creation will suffer  in hades for unrepentant eavesdropping:


  1. Unable to locate a link to an accurate online version of the text of the deuterocanonical work, the  Greek Apocalypse Of Ezra.   Search queries yield results that conflate this work with the Revelation of Ezra . The version linked below confusingly entitles it Word And Revelation Of Esdras, The Holy Prophet And Beloved Of God“, and inaccurately translates the portion of the pertinent verse as “These are they who would not listen.” Nonetheless for the purposes of context here is the link:

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