For the Fallen to Consider …

Even the adams, which you despise and view as so far beneath you intellectually, spiritually and in all other aspects, even they have a concept of joint and several liability, accessory liability, criminal conspiracy, criminal solicitation, inducement in fraud, incitement and undue influence.

If even the adams’ justice has this (adams which are viewed as infants in understanding and spiritual development compared to other creation) if even their justice punishes their own who collude and aid and albeit others to sin, what does that say about your fate when you face God’s Justice for your role in seducing and inducing spiritual/mental infants to sin over thousands of years?

Woe to you, for you are the cause of all iniquity!

If you value your eternal fate you would cease and desist now.

Go to the desert and wait their until judgment day and harm no one.

Better yet get in good favor with the adams, turn them away from inequities and warn them of your ilks plan, for they will be delegated the right to judge you for your actions on the judgment day.

(originally posted 8.13.16 discussion Here: )

This is fair warning:

Message to the Fallen

Why join the Losing Side





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