I saw fear…

I was shown a masonic spiritual encampment. It was depicted as a water park with slides with a crowd of people attending. Men, women, Children. Everybody was forced to get into the lines ushered up one by one and go down the slides. Then get back in line and be processed again. Over and Over. There was much fear. They all knew they were part of the masonic hive mind and had been all their lives. Even the Children knew. They were slaves. They could be taken anytime and killed.

They were afraid they could be killed but some of the adults just laughed when a child was taken.

They had become callous.

Periodically a child would be sexually abused and put back in line. Other times people could be taken and killed.

They knew the higher ups, the entities, could kill anyone in the park directly or through spiritual means.

Their time could come at any moment they just had to keep going through the motions going down the slide to keep their minds off the fear.

Going through life trying to grasp at peace pursuing the fleeting material comforts before their time came to an end.

So much fear they hand, they were part of an inter-generational slave system.

This has to stop. This WILL stop.

(originally posted 8.9.2016)


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