Signs of the Devil – The Fleur De Lis (The Devils Flower)


**Video Description**

By far the most underrated symbol being used today by Satan. Few know about it and even fewer talk about it. I learned of the power of this symbol when a demon manifested and told me that it would not leave a person as long as this symbol remains on the wall in their home. This symbol has made its way onto home goods, furniture, architecture,clothing, jewelry, and more. This is no mistake.


Once you watch the video you will realize how prevalent in society this symbol is. Probably more prevalent in European and American society than any other satanic symbol save for the All-seeing eye.

In europe, the Fleur De Lis is often seen on family Crests of wealthy families with satanic bloodlines, denoting their allegiance.

But the symbol is actually much older than that, going back to ancient Mesopotamia and the tower of babel.
Like many prominent symbols the Fleur De Lis is also a “sigil” used for summoning the spiritual presence of a certain fallen entity or entities. A calling card if you will.

The specific satanic entities conjured by the Fleur De Lis, might be surprising to some, it’s a certain class of “E.T’s” seen in “alien” abduction accounts. Strange looking demons.


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