Message to the Fallen

Why There is Currently No Redemptive Plan for the Fallen

Because of your Pride. No forgiveness was asked for therefore none will be given.

You asked to see God, and so was created the “image of God” made of spirit and matter.

In your pride and envy you refused to worship the image of God following in the footsteps of the one who said he was created first therefore ought not bow down to adams.

Adam’s and Eve’s test was faith. They broke the faith, disobeyed a direct command, and hearkened after the lies of one of yours.

Your test was PRIDE! And you failed!

The adams were created to show you humility as the Almighty himself is humble though he has naught reason to be.

This is why it is written that adams are small in greatness and again great in smallness.

YOU rejected Adam ! You Rejected humility! YOU REJECTED THE ALMIGHTY!.

When Adam was cut off from God’s unity for his sin and removed from the garden.

What did he do? He shed his blood on an altar of stone he assembled, offered it to the most high, and begged loudly and earnestly for forgiveness.

This was meant to show you a precedent. This is what secured the coming of the Christ for their forgiveness and eventual and ultimate reconciliation.

What have you done since you have been cut off from the Oneness with the Father?

You have committed grievous sin upon sin in your unceasing rebellion and have incited to further degeneration and sin the adams. YOU HAVE DESECRATED THE VERY IMAGE OF GOD YOU BEGGED TO SEE.!


Your judgment. You will become like adams. You will die, like the mere adams you despised so much. How far you have fallen. You will then go unto hades.

Do you want redemption? Then conquer your pride.


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